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“Company that produces products and
service making people’s lives brighter”

We have been leading the Japanese flower industry for nearly 100 years!
We are a pioneer in the Japanese flower industry.
Developing materials that made a quick response to the needs of the times and leading the industry,
we greatly contributed to the promotion and development of flower designs and flower hobbies!
Tackling environmental issues instantaneously, we will aim at further development for the bright and rich 21st century with the motto of product making friendly to both the Earth and humans!
Let’s use our products to make a rich flower life together!


Corporate Data

Corporate Name :
Head Office Address :

3-2-23, Chodo, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Established :
July, 1966
Capital :
44 million yen
Representative :
President Keiko Matsumura
Business Objective :

Manufacturing, sales and import of fresh flower materials, flower design materials and flower hobby materials
No. of Employees :
200 (including part-time workers)
General distributor of Aquafoam, General distributor of PINEX crape paper
Authorized agency of cut ribbons, DIXIE JAPAN sales agency

Major Client and Supplier

Major client
Nationwide flower markets, fresh flower shops, garden shops, handcraft shops, and flower design schools are our clients. (Random order)
Japan JUFD, Hibiyakadan Co., Ltd., U.GOTO FLORIST, Ltd., CHIKIRIYA GARDEN, TAKII & CO.,LTD, satoh-hanamise Co,ltd.
Major supplier
AOYAMA Co., Ltd.; AOYAMA RIBBON Co., Ltd.; ASCA COMPANY, LTD.; DIXIE JAPAN LTD.; Ohchi Nursery Co., Ltd. (Random order)

Head Office, Branch, Business Office


1928Began as MATSUMURA KOGEISHO in Matsuzaki-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, manufactured and sold flower pot covers, flower baskets, garden labels and convenience goods.
1947Manufactured products for the flower industry, such as flower baskets and flower pot covers and sold them to nationwide fresh flower shops.
1955Cooperated with Smithers-Oasis Company in America and worked to promote floral arts as the Japanese general agency of a water-absorbing foam “Oasis”. Also sold wrapping materials and bouquet materials etc.
1959Opened Ueno Plant.
1961Opened Tokyo Satellite Office.
1962Opened Osakakita Business Office.
1965Became the associate member of F.T.D. For the first time in Japan.
1966Renamed to MATSUMURA KOGEI Co., Ltd. as a corporation. Mikio Matsumura assumed the position of the first president.
Imported crape paper from Germany and set off a paper flower boom. Advanced into the craft industry on this occasion.
1970Built the head office’s building.
1973Opened a new distribution center.
1984Masami Matsumura assumed the position of president while Mikio Matsumura assumed the position of the chairman.
1985Built its own building in Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi and relocated Kita Business Branch as Kita Branch.
Developed a new paper craft called Anderssen Handcraft that produces a wicker’s texture using circulars. It took the world by storm as a unique hobby rich in unpredictable quality and a news hook with the flow of resource saving and reuse of materials and built a new field in handcrafts.
1988Opened the Ryogoku Shop in the Ryogoku Flower Market in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
1989Built its own building in Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo and relocated Tokyo Branch there.
1990Opened the Ota Shop in the flower department of Ota Market in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Opened Hyogo Distribution Center (Hyogo Depo).
1991Built the Aquafoam production plant in Hyogo Depo, succeeded in developing a high-quality aquafoam superior to a conventional water-absorbing and started to sell it nationwide.
1993Established Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.
1994Extended and reconstructed the Osakakita Branch and opened it under the name of Annasakka.
1995Relocated the Ryogoku Shop with the relocation of the market and newly opened Kasai Shop in the flower department of Kasai Market in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
1997Established Annasakka Co., Ltd. In Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Improved the antenna shop function in Tokyo area.
Opened a new warehouse at Hyogo Plant and improved the delivery function.
2000Opened a new Aquafoam-related department.
2001Developed measures to extend the business domain to the agriculture section.
Established technologies of direct-seeding and cultivating wet rice and cultivating blueberries using Aquafoam.
2004Opened the Nagoya Satellite Office and Hiroshima Satellite Office.
2005Keiko Matsumura assumed the position of president while Masami Matsumura assumed the position of the chairman.
2007Opened the Tanba Distribution Center
Relocated and consolidated the distribution center in Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, and the Hyogo Distribution Center in Sannan-cho, Tanba-shi, Hyogo to Kaibara-cho, Tanba-shi.
2008Opened the Higashikanto Satellite Office.
2010Relocated the Nagoya Satellite Office.
Relocated Annasakka TOKYO.
Relocated Tokyo Branch to Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo near Annasakka TOKYO. Integrated the showroom function and the direct sales function.
2011Relocated the Sendai Satellite Office.
2014Opened the Special Sales Development Regional Headquarters.
2015Opened the second Tanba Distribution Center
Keiko Matsumura assumed the position of president while Keiko Matsumura assumed the position of the chairman.
2016Opened Sapporo Business Office.
2017Opened Hanaguya Yamaguchi Shop, Shimonoseki Shop and Kitakyushu Shop.
2018Opened Kyushu Business Office.
2019Opened Hanaguya Tokuyama Shop.