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PSC founded in 2010.
The scissor case which has been in Japan for a long time is completely renewed.
It created a new whirlwind.

The head of the PSC said:
A scissor case that is cheap and breaks quickly does not fit the florist.
If you are a "professional," you should use a proud "good product."
From this perspective he focuses on scissor cases used in the beauty industry.
He improved it for florists and created a great product.

Initially, most florists said:
What an expensive product I want something cheap because it breaks quickly.

However, the top florists and those who know the real thing say:
I was waiting for this.
Great, I want it soon.

Now loved by florists all over Japan, it is also full of repeat customers and those who have a lot of this product. If you are a "professional" who sells "flowers", you should definitely have it.
This wonderful product made in Japan.
And you would say:
I was waiting for this
Great, I want it soon

Next, spread it to your own country or the whole world.

❋If you want to see the product and purchase it, please come to Annasakka immediately.
❋Some special limited items are available only in Annasakka.
(Jointly developed by Aritaka Nakamura and Annasakka.)

~ Corporate philosophy ~

For professionals to shine more.
This is the business theme that we raised when we started in 2010.
Pursue "Japanese manufacturing products" that support the work of all professional / technical people. With that in mind, we named the brand PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT COLLECTION when we founded it. We pursue genuine leather for the scissor case and carefully select leather materials according to each industry. Leather craftsmen face manufacturing with a solid technology of "because they are Japanese" and detailed care.


~ Craftsmanship technology ~

Considerations that can only be achieved by Japanese leather craftsmen, and the creation of products that can be realized only by knowing the characteristics of leather. A skilled leather craftsman "makes one scissor case wholeheartedly"
This is our policy. The true value of craftsmanship that has continued to focus on leather is the beauty of careful leather bonding and sewing. The beauty of the finish is directly linked not only to the appearance but also to the "strength" of the product. We are convinced that the manufacturing technology tailored to each material and part is proof of a genuine leather craftsman.
Important "scissors cases" where florists who are "professionals" share "daily work" That's why leather craftsmen who make scissor cases do their best as "professional". As the "partner" of the user, it is to make "not embarrassing".
With these in mind, all the craftsmen are fighting "leather" with every effort.

~ Product description ~


Crocodile-like model that is a typical pattern. One of the standard patterns of the PSC scissor case pursuing universality without being washed away by the times. You can enjoy adult style in crocodile style that is moderately and elegantly embossed. Embossing is not only a change in appearance but also has the advantage of being resistant to scratches and dirt, making it one of the best choices for genuine leather scissor cases. Because it uses cowhide full tannin, the gloss increases as you use it, and you can enjoy beautiful aging.

Color custom
Part color change / Change stitch color
Make your own scissor case.
One of the ways to enjoy the scissor case is that the impression can be changed only by changing the part colors and stitches. Not only the appearance, but also the customization of the function of extending the standard equipment waist belt to the desired length to make it a shoulder specification is also available.
All PSC scissor cases are made to order. "Remodeling" is a "merit" that can only be made to order. Custom-made products that make it easy for you to make your own combinations will make your daily work even more fun and functional.


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~ Product introduction ~

FC10 series

FC10 series  LUCE
FC10 series  LUCE

FC101 LUCE ¥28,000(JPY)
This series pursues a universal style that will not change in any era. Uses oil leather that resists moisture and dirt on the body for a florist scissor case. The metal parts that are consumable parts are selected to be strong and thick, so high durability is achieved.
PSC Florist Case started with this product series when it was founded in 2010.
In 2015, the highest grade lineup using full tannin leather "TF-10" series appeared. Florist bag 105 & 106 was released as a new proposal in 2018.
While cherishing the voice of the user, the points pointed out have been constantly improved. The FC-10 series is a scissor case that continues to evolve with users.


FC-102 FILO ¥19,000(JPY)
A thin card type florist case.
The simple form is an all-round model that can be used by anyone. A scissor case that fits naturally into any style and is easy to use.
Development theme focusing on storage of basic items such as scissors and tools necessary for daily work, realistic usability is simply reproduced. Realistic usability is simply reproduced.
It is widely used from Top florist to Assistant.


FC-103 SPADA [Belt / Hook] ¥17,000(JPY) / ¥11,500(JPY)
I want to store only the scissor in the scissor case. I want to use the lightest florist case possible. Florists and Flower Shop often have this idea. The sharp form without any waste is lightweight and compact. For those who have been working with the conventional "scissor sack" for many years, use the hook-type FC-103F. FC-103 for those who value the convenience of belts. It is a florist case that can be selected from two types according to the owner's style.


FC-104 SCARPE ¥23,000(JPY)
Model developed and designed under the same concept as FC-103.
This is a proposal for a florist that is particular about "storing the scissor main".
The difference from FC-103 is that it supports wide scissors.
FC-104 is a model that clears the fusion of conflicting elements of "light weight and high storage capacity".
It is also attractive that the scissor can be stored beautifully for its stylish design.


TF-107 CASANOVA / Full Tanning Leather ¥30,000(JPY)
Uses "luxury full Tanning leather" that has the additional quality and enjoyment of growing the skin. The styling and functionality of "each model of the FC-10 series" are retained.
A "special series" for owners with a strong commitment to leather.

Besides this
•There are "TF-105" and "TF-106" that can store various things.
•We can also provide custom consultation.

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