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Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1972, "Tohoku Kazai Co., Ltd."
One of the leading flower material manufacturers in Japan,
It is a very rare company in the industry that is also a manufacturer of artificial foliage plants.

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

Since the beginning, we are good at bleaching and dyeing of flower materials, Utilizing that technology, we have developed various colors and developed a wide variety of products.

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.
Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

Among them, "hydrangea", which is a typical "preserved flowers" of "Tohoku Kazai's flower materials".
It sorts "Japanese hydrangea" by hand and processes it carefully.
Since it is dyed using our own manufacturing method, it has a beautiful finish and a pleasant feel, and has been well-received by many users since its release.
Through repeated development, we have grown to the point where florists in and outside Japan are now patronizing us.

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

From a single color that focuses on ease of use, We also have attractive two-tone coordinated products that combine two colors, You can enjoy endless combinations of flower materials and colors.

Other than hydrangea, we always have about 1000 items that are indispensable for flower arrangements, as well as products that are in fashion and seasonal trends.
We hope to continue to support all customers who love flowers in the future.
"Tohoku Kazai Co., Ltd." believes that it would like to continue developing and providing safe and secure products and continuing to make efforts.

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

~ Main products ~

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

Preserved flower & Dried flower
Color dried flower ⁄ Natural dried flower ⁄ Handmade flowers ⁄ Tree nuts

Tohoku Kazai Co.,Ltd.

Display materials
Wreath ⁄ feather ⁄ Moss ⁄ fiber ⁄ Display materials (Unryu willow, Mitsumata, etc.)
Products made in Japan (dried rice plants, bamboo branches, etc.)

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