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Founded 1910.
They have been manufacturing flower scissors in Japan for over 100 years. This long history speaks for trust. Headquartered in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, it has been famous in Japan since the Edo period as a "Sakai merchant". In the Heian period (around 800 AD), commerce was already flourishing, kitchen knives and blacksmithing, Tobacco were, the main industries.
Inheriting that system, the "CHIKAMASA" scissors are now famous in Europe too.

For a while "CHIKAMASA" , is the production of agricultural scissors was the mainstream, since the preservation flower became popular in Japan, we produced and sold arrangement scissors for florists based on fruit scissors, which became a huge hit.
In addition, because the blade is "fluorinated" on the assumption that it will be used for a long time at a flower shop, due to the fact that sap and pine resin are hard to adhere and the sharpness does not deteriorate, it was a hit.

Florist Arrange Scissors

A typical product is Florist Arrange Scissors that can also be cut and wire-processed.


Florist Arrange Scissors

Hana Scissors Deluxe with "TSURU-TE (蔓手)" specifications that can cut wires.


Hana Scissors Deluxe

Ultra Rosso with "TSURU-TE (蔓手)" specification with a function that does not crush the flower stem.


Hana Scissors Deluxe

Ultra G8 (PSA-G8) absorbs the impact of the hand because it is ultra-lightweight and hands are not tired and the handle is "soft cushioned". Fluorine processing reduces plant adhesion. Thick branches can be cut easily.



JP-2000 has a protrusion on the blade, so the branch can be cut without slipping.



PST-8 has a thin blade for smooth initial movement, and the height is increased near the screw to increase strength.



TP-600 Wire cutter that can cut up to No.14.


Artificial Flower Cutter

Artificial Flower Cutter that can easily cut artificial flowers that are hard to cut with a thick wire.

Left Length 18cm

Right Length 20cm

Florist series of soft grip specifications that handle is soft and is hard to be tired.
They manufacture many scissors for florist.
Once you use "Florist Arrange Scissors" , it is very easy to use and the price is reasonable, there are a lot of orders at the material shop for distribution to students in the Flower Arrangement Classies and because it is hung. In addition, there are many products with various functions, and you can use them in various situations according to each application.
Gone are the days when you can do many scenes with one scissors.
By all means, let's work easily according to the use!

❋We do not handle other than flower scissors.
❋If you need other scissors, contact your local country distributor.

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