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Client brand
Nature Designs Co., ltd.

Established on April 1, 2000.
Designed from a original perspective for flower designers and anyone who enjoys all the flowers.
We design products in-company. Therefore, it can be said that this product is unique to Japan and not found in Europe. For this reason, it is very popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but it is a brand that we want customers in the United States and Europe to pay attention too.

We design a wide range of products, including iron stands, tin vase, and wire objects.
Our products have many repeaters.
We are a Japanese flower materials company that is attracting attention now.
We always take in new things and do not break the original design sense.
If you want to create a “your store” with a different feel, you should buy this product.

Hatsu Yume

Hatsu Yume (A New Year's Resolution )
A product based on the motif of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Comes with a plastic container that receives water.

Tsuzumi (Japanese Hand Drum)
Products based on musical instruments used in 能(Nou), a traditional Japanese culture.
In Japan, it is bright and has a festive atmosphere because it is used for “happy days” such as New Years and weddings.

Yuki Tsuri

Yuki Tsuri (Tree snow umbrella)
Snow umbrella for trees.
In Japan, it is used on snowy days to protect important pine trees from the weight of snow.
Because there is an image that protects "happy days" such as pine, the image is powerful.

Oogi (Hand Fan basket)

Flying wreath stand

Flying wreath stand
Scandinavian traditional "Hanging Wreath".
The name "Flying Wreath" is also spreading in Japan. However, it cannot be hung from the ceiling in Japan. For that reason, we designed a stand that I could decorate on a table. By attaching the upper hook, the "lease" can be easily suspended.

Height can also be adjusted.
This stand was inspired by the European flower designer "Ms. Gabriel Kubo" who is active in Japan.The hook at the tip is characteristic so that the lease can be hung in a balanced manner.
For more details, please watch this video.

If you want to know more about "Nature Designs", you can go to "Tokyo Showroom" in Kagura-zaka, Shinjuku-ku. All of "Nature Designs" is concentrated there.

❋Since it is a showroom, there may be no people.
❋Exhibits cannot be purchased. If you want it right away, please come to Annasakka.
❋If you would like to go to the showroom because you need to make a reservation in Japanese, please request from the address below.

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