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Sakagen Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1903.
A scissors brand with a history of over 100 years.
There is no mistake in quality, it is purchased from the imperial family.
Boasts long-standing trust and achievements.

Now, it is a manufacturer of "Hand Creation" that can be seen all over the world.
Before European design spread in Japan, IKEBANA was the mainstream in Japan.
At that time, they were producing scissors for IKEBANA.
Hand Creation manufactured with reference to ikebana scissors.
Currently used by all Japanese florists.

~ Product Introduction ~

IKEBANA is one of the ancient cultures of Japan.Formally, it is called "KADOU".
Gestures to enter the working room, gestures to work, courtesy before and after 「Arranging of flowers」,「Arranging of flowers」gestures, etc.
These are called "courtesy manners" and are of paramount importance in Japanese culture.
KADOU must do them perfectly. It is truly one of the cultures that represent Japan.
In addition, the flowers to be displayed vary according to the season. You must use flowers that make you feel the season, such as plums in January and irises in May.
There is a school that has been handed down for over 500 years, and it has been handed down to all its successors.


Flower scissors (WARABI-TE蕨手)
Flower scissors used this handle in the old days.
The way of holding is also decided, and the upper part is sandwiched between thumbs, and the lower part is supported by four, and it cuts.
It is all made of steel. If it doesn't cut, you can use it as many times as you want by removing the clasp and sharpening the "blade".

Hand Creation F165    ¥2,900(JPY)
In a florist, it is mainly used for cutting "branches and leaves".
The opening angle is wider than "TSURU-TE蔓手", and thicker branches can be cut.

Hand Creation F165

Flower scissors (TSURU-TE蔓手)
This handle became mainstream in Japanese florist thanks to "Hand Creation".
The original "holding method" is the same as the "holding method" of "WARABI-TE蕨手", and is not a method of holding a "holding wheel".
However, a florist that cuts dozens of flowers a day requires more efficiency than manners.
Hand Creation has appeared.

Hand Creation F170    ¥2,900(JPY)
All-purpose scissors that can cut branches, leaves and flowers.
Because it is made of stainless steel, it does not rust, and it is lighter than steel scissors, It does not get tired even after long use.Because there is a dent that can be inserted and supported on the outside of the ring, It is easy to adjust the power.

・Hand Creation F170

For BONSAI(盆栽)
- What is BONSAI(盆栽)? -
It came from China around 650 AD. BONKEI(盆景) is the original.
Japanese people like to imitate the natural scenery, and it had been so popular.
At present, Japanese bonsai is loved by Europeans and is distributed under the name "BONSAI".
In Japan, it is preferred by elderly people who can afford time and money.

BONSAI scissors

BONSAI scissors
The feature is that the blade part is longer than the scissors for florist, making it easier to cut even in narrow places.

Satsuki scissors
These scissors are used to prune Satsuki, which is often seen in Japanese streets.
The feature is that the blade and handle are long so that they can reach the back.

Satsuki scissors

❋Customers in China have an agent, so please purchase there.
❋Since Sakagen has a factory in Japan, going directly to the site is prohibited.
❋It is dangerous to enter the facility without permission, and it is stipulated in Article 130 of the criminal law before the Japanese law. It falls under “criminal crime” and is punishable by criminal penalties.

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