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clay Co., Ltd.
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clay Co., Ltd.

"clay" was established in 1978.
A Japanese vase manufacturer that has led Japanese flower design.
When European design began to appear in Japan, we quickly adopted customer requests, it's sophisticated design quickly spread throughout Japan.
Even now, it has been followed and is making great strides.


One in the Japanese flower industry knows "clay". This is the most famous and loved vase!
It is now one of the most famous fresh flower ware manufacturers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Asia.

Exhibited at the bi-annual gift show and is a ceramic manufacturer that is widely loved by Japanese people.


Recently, we are focusing on "flower education" to teach Japanese children the beauty of flowers and the joy of interacting with nature.

The circle has spread rapidly in Japan, and hanaikukabin is now used in most kindergartens, nurseries and elementary schools.


If you want to know more about "clay", you can go to "Tokyo Showroom" in Roppongi, Minato-ku.
All of "clay" is concentrated there.

❋A reservation is required to visit the store.
❋Since it is a showroom, there may be no people.
❋Exhibits cannot be purchased. If you want it right away, please come to Annasakka.
❋If you would like to go to the showroom because you need to make a reservation in Japanese, please request from the address below.

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