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Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.
Matsumura Aqua Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1992. A group company of Matsumura Kogei.

Japan's first water-absorbing foam manufacturing company and now the only Japanese foam manufacturing company.
Realize mass production using a unique technology called continuous foaming.
Aquafoam has better water absorption, water retention and retention than any other foam.

Masami Matsumura, the president at the time of establishment said,
"I want everyone to use good products!"
“I want to surprise everyone with that product!”
"I want to please everyone with that product!"
And with the “The Osaka soul” as the driving force, the product was completed with a “Challenging Spirit” and “Greatfull Guts(DoKonjo)”.

Matsumura Aqua Co.,Ltd.
Matsumura Aqua Co.,Ltd.

Thanks to that, even in Japan, “foam” is now called “Aquafoam”
People in Kansai speak like this.
“What? No other manufacturer has heard isn't it!”

Also, there is no other foam that does not use “Freon gas” and has the quality so far.
Foam friendly to the environment and people you only have “Aquafoam” to choose.

Maido~ Ookini !

Matsumura Aqua Co.,Ltd.
Matsumura Aqua Co.,Ltd.

I want to create a foam that is easy for flowers.
Manufacturing considering the world environment!

1. Freon gas 0!
Aquafoam is the most gentle on the earth and flowers!
Water-absorbing foam manufactured without using chlorofluorocarbon gas that destroys the ozone layer!

2. Eliminate the causes of harmful substances!
Carefully select environmentally friendly raw materials! Raw materials that generate harmful substances are unused!

3. Pollution 0!
Solving pollution problems with Aqua foam!
No harmful substances such as dioxins are generated even at low temperature combustion!

❋Listed based on Japanese standards.

Use “Aquafoam” to solve both the flowers and the environment!

About Matsumura Aqua
The only floral foam continuous firing production plant in Japan.
Start of operation in 1989, without incorporating individual foaming, which was common until now,
succeeded in production by incorporating “continuous firing”, which enables mass production!
We have completed a cheap and high-quality “floral foam”!

Incorporating Japanese technology, temperament, and culture, it became the highest floral foam.
The best floral foam that is gentle on the most flowers.
By all means, our company's floral foam, the highest peak of Japanese technology,
let's solve both the flower owner and the environmental problems using Aqua foam!

❋Reservations are required to go to the factory.
❋Entering the facility without permission is dangerous and is stipulated in the first part of
Article 130 of the Penal Code under Japanese law.
It falls under “House Invasion Crime” and is subject to criminal punishment.

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