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Established in 1948.
One of the leading ribbon manufacturers in Japan.
It has a long history and has supported the Japanese manufacturing industry since ancient times, and has led the flower industry.
It is also a pioneer of flower-related ribbons and used by all florists in Japan.
Development manufacturer of "Floral Satin".

Solid fabric and accurate dyeing.
Some ribbons are water repellent and must be used in flower shops that use water.

~ Product introduction ~

MNew floral satin

New floral satin
A high-quality ribbon that has gained tremendous support from Japanese flower shops. It is always used for standard gifts and is the best in Japan for quality.

Colda satin
Ribbon very suitable for weddings. It has a subtle glow and feels good, and is most often used for Bride bouquets.

Colda satin
Custom satin

Custom satin
High-performance ribbon that does not lose shape when wet. Ribbon loops for bouquets can be made firmly and can be created.

~ Corporate history ~

1862, the 14th Shogun (all 15s), a historic ribbon manufacturer founded in the age of Tokugawa Iemochi. The initial company name was "Aoyama Shobei Shoten". Opened as a "silk merchant (Floral Satin)" in the current Gunchu-cho, Naka-ku, Aichi Prefecture.

After Pax Tokugawana, he spread the business nationwide under the company name "Yamasho" until the Meiji, Taisho and early Showa era. After passing through two World Wars, after World War II, established as "Aoyama Yoshiro Shoten". Through many patents, awards, until now.
The current president is Ryuji Aoyama, the fifth generation.


~ Main technological development and manufacturing development performed by Aoyama Ribbon ~

~ Number of patents and utility models ~

17 worldwide.

~ Number of awards ~

~ National Medal ~

Medal with Yellow Ribbon (Yoshirou Aoyama of 4th generation , Shouhei Aoyama of 3rd generation)

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